If you’ve ventured into here, I’ll assume that you’re curious about one of the last remaining red light districts located in a major city in the United States.  The block has a rich history, and is something that the Baltimore City police department recognizes as a necessary evil to this day.

The first content offering related to the block involves a panned shot of the block as it appears at 3:00 pm on a Monday.  During the daytime, there is more going on than one would think.  Various pedestrians can be found everywhere the eye can see.

The following is a list of businesses in order that operate on the block starting with the northern side and ending with the southern side:

Northern Side
Larry Flint’s Hustler Club
Baltimore’s Flamingo Lounge
Club Pussycat
Harbor Carryout & Arcade
Club ChezJoey
Jewel Box
Midway Bar
Club Harem
Circus Show Bar
Big Top

Southern Side
Kings & Diamonds
2 O’Clock Club
New York Fried Chicken
Crazy John’s Restaurant & Arcade

Now you tourists out there know what to expect.

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