Site Modifications and Updates…

Ok, I have decided to drop the advertising model for the site, since CPAs these days aren’t flexible enough to meet my financial considerations, anyway.

This means that all of the content here is and will be free and unfettered for your consumption into the foreseeable future.  Enjoy the movies I currently have on the site.  There is a space on the page for donations, if you like what you see and wouldn’t mind seeing more.

Obtaining video of the exterior of the Block was an easy process.  This is unlike preparing for and performing interviews of workers there like I would wish to undertake.  I am currently considering my options.  I also understand that there could be safety considerations for continuing to probe at the place once I obtain a reputation.  However, expect no more video.

I might be able to provide a profile of the Block from my own eyes sometime in the near future.  Right now, I don’t really know where this site is headed.  Stay tuned.

Taking a Spin of the Block

Note: The following banter is to highlight keywords for search engines.  Please do not take it too seriously.

“The Block” Baltimore red light district in the Redwood financial district is a place where unabated sex happens.  This is going on despite that Baltimore is within the top three U.S. United States Government Census rankings for reported syphilis and AIDS cases going at least back to the year 2000.  So, condoms for safe sex are a recommended practice.  Even dental dams for oral sex.  The most prominent of the features provided by Baltimore’s red light district is Larry Flint’s Hustler Club, where the wealthier of clients go to enjoy the company of women.  Sex in Baltimore is not limited to the district.  Prostitutes can be seen in Baltimore in this area walking the streets, but street pickups are more suited to other areas of Baltimore.  Money talks, bullshit walks.  The Red Light district does actually act as a motivation to visit Baltimore for the purposes of tourism.  Tourism in Baltimore is important to the vitality of the city, like the Baltimore Grand Prix.  The city of Baltimore has the highest murder rate of the entire country.  Violence in West Baltimore is where most violence is currently limited to.  Syndicated television shows like “The Wire”, which is about Baltimore, doesn’t quite illustrate the real experience of walking through a real city like real Baltimore.  Fortune telling is legal in Baltimore, Maryland.  Baltimore is “keeping it real” or “keepin’ it real”.  Maryland is “America in Minitaure.”  When parking next to the Red Light district, there is valet service.


If you’ve ventured into here, I’ll assume that you’re curious about one of the last remaining red light districts located in a major city in the United States.  The block has a rich history, and is something that the Baltimore City police department recognizes as a necessary evil to this day.

The first content offering related to the block involves a panned shot of the block as it appears at 3:00 pm on a Monday.  During the daytime, there is more going on than one would think.  Various pedestrians can be found everywhere the eye can see.

The following is a list of businesses in order that operate on the block starting with the northern side and ending with the southern side:

Northern Side
Larry Flint’s Hustler Club
Baltimore’s Flamingo Lounge
Club Pussycat
Harbor Carryout & Arcade
Club ChezJoey
Jewel Box
Midway Bar
Club Harem
Circus Show Bar
Big Top

Southern Side
Kings & Diamonds
2 O’Clock Club
New York Fried Chicken
Crazy John’s Restaurant & Arcade

Now you tourists out there know what to expect.